Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 20 – 2 6, 2021

Happy celestial New Year! The year’s only full moon in your sign is always a cause for celebration, and this Monday, September 20, is no exception. It’s an occasion to drop your guard or any false fronts and unapologetically flaunt your most authentic self. If you’ve been working on a major project or have something new to share with the world, this is a great week to put it out there and do some shameless self-promotion. And since full and new moons can continue to work their magic for a while, you’ve got another few weeks to pull out the stops, and up to six months to roll out a proper PR and marketing campaign. If you don’t have anything in the pipeline or aren’t sure where to direct your energy, think back to something that might’ve caught your attention in a major way around the last Pisces new moon (March 13, 2021) for clues. Anything that stokes your passion and that you wish you had more time for is worth pursuing. Trust your gut, Pisces. Even if you have to shift gears—or direction—it’ll be worth it to realize this dream and prove to yourself that you DO have what it takes!

Midweek, you may be seduced by an irresistible urge to merge as the Sun slinks into Libra and your seductive eighth house. Wednesday kicks off your annual four-week cycle for deep, intimate bonding, a time when you’re open to pooling ALL your resources, from finances to emotions to your bodies! If your mojo has been in slow-mo—or altogether MIA—you can look forward to it returning with a vengeance any moment. Single? A new situation could heat up fast, but keep your wits and don’t assume that a carefree persona is the whole story. Couples can clear up misunderstandings and advance their shared ideas about the future during this intensifying transit. Stay on guard for overpowering emotions, like jealousy, obsessiveness and even paranoia, to rise up. If something’s irritating you, discuss it directly—and definitely don’t do anything you might regret.

You might have to bite your tongue under Thursday’s provocative skies, when (normally) diplomatic Venus forms an edgy opposition to unfiltered Uranus in your communication corner, which CAN loosen lips. Think before you speak, especially at happy hour or any other “lubricating” event. Share or even rant to a confidante, but otherwise, plan to zip it.

On Saturday, you’re back in the permabonding zone as lusty Mars in Libra air-kisses grounding Saturn in your introverted twelfth house. This supportive angle can strengthen bonds—and passion—so try to wiggle out of any non-obligatory appointments and devote that time to your nearest and dearest. (Or whoever you’d like to promote to that position.) With Mars heating up your eighth house of shared resources and intimacy, the prospect of a mind-body-soul connection may be impossible to resist. While bold Mars COULD cause you to come on a bit too strong, trust Saturn to step in and modulate that. If your sentiments are clear, carpe this rare diem and get the party started!

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