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September 23, 2021

Are you being pulled in two opposite directions? You can blame the stars for that internal tug of war today, as your ruler, Venus, in your relationship zone forms a tense opposition with disruptive Uranus in your sign. On the one hand, you may be longing for greater commitment within a key partnership in your life. But on the flip side, you’re feeling restless and ready to run free. How to handle these contradictory emotions? Slow down and look within. Ask yourself: Is there a way to deepen your bond while still maintaining a sense of personal freedom? Try to strike that balance. Single? Don’t write off a potential mate just because you’re feeling conflicted. Give this person a second chance!

Gemini: Feeling a bit unsettled? You could have trouble putting your finger on the root cause of your underlying anxiety today, as equalizing Venus in your wellness sector forms a tense opposition to motivating Uranus in your twelfth house of subconscious. Intense emotions could bubble to the surface, possibly triggered by something that reminds you of your past. Or maybe you can’t even figure out why these feelings are surfacing now, which is just adding to your frustration. Don’t spiral out, Gemini! Work to process these emotions…then let them go.

Cancer: Your feelings could be all over the map today, so work to keep your bearings in this tricky emotional territory. On the one hand, you may feel a surge of hope about a promising romantic situation, as passionate Venus in Scorpio supercharges your fifth house of amorous expression. But the stars throw a wrench in the works, thanks to a tense opposition with Uranus in your relationship zone. By all means, explore this exciting connection. But resist the urge to rush into any premature commitments. An impulsive move could go awry if you’re not careful.

Leo: Your personal life could be at direct odds with your professional schedule today, so buckle up. With Venus in OCD Scorpio and your domestic sector, you could be forced to put work on pause to deal with a pressing matter regarding a family member, friend, or some casa-related problem. That may be easier said than done however, as a difficult opposition from chaotic Uranus in your career zone could bring an equally urgent professional matter to your attention. You might have to put out a fire on an important project or deal with a client’s last minute notes. Do your best to juggle it all, Leo! With a little extra elbow grease, you’ll be able to get through this.

Virgo: Bite your tongue, Virgo! Candid quips can cut deeper than you intend today, as diplomatic Venus in your interpersonal zone clashes with chaotic Uranus in your blunt ninth house. Carefully consider every word that comes out of your mouth, especially if you’re delivering some difficult feedback. Even if your intentions are pure, your words could unintentionally offend someone. The best way to avoid a fatal faux pas? Save the criticism for a less dicey day.

Libra: Feeling a little vulnerable, Libra? You can thank today’s stars for the heightened sensitivity, as empathetic Venus forms a tense opposition to disruptive Uranus in your intimate eighth house. Even though you’re confident in your professional talents, someone’s unfiltered criticism of your work could hit you like a ton of bricks. Try not to take things too personally, Libra. If you can’t shake it off, call up a trusted confidante who can restore your perspective and help you process the feedback without going to extremes.

Scorpio: Struggling to untangle some crossed wires? Miscommunication could cause a sticky situation in your personal life today, as ardent Venus in your sign forms a disconcerting opposition to disruptive Uranus in your relationship zone. Do you feel like something is going on beneath the surface that you just can’t put your finger on? Launch an investigation if you must. But the truth could be difficult to discern today, especially with chaotic Uranus in the mix. The best strategy? Channel all this frustrated energy into a positive pursuit, like going for a lap swim at your local pool or putting in some extra time on your passion project.

Sagittarius: Is someone’s passive-aggressive personality driving you up the wall? Try not to fly off the handle today, even as diplomatic Venus in your subconscious sector clashes with chaotic Uranus. A codependent colleague or undermining frenemy could attempt to intrude on your personal space or disrupt your day. But don’t play into their annoying antics. Lock your office door, decline that intrusive phone call, or cancel a meeting with a time-sucking person. Set a firm boundary, Sag!

Capricorn: Your best efforts to keep things copacetic with friends or at work could be undermined by someone’s hidden agenda today, as Venus lands in clandestine Scorpio and your group zone. If you sense that something is off, proceed with caution. A problematic person could spring a petty stunt that leaves you reeling, thanks to a disconcerting opposition from chaotic Uranus in your fifth house of drama and passion. Take the high road, Capricorn! Don’t play into this person’s mind games. In fact, steer clear of them entirely if possible. You don’t have time for this nonsense…you’ve got work to do!

Aquarius: Are things not going according to plan? Try your best to go with the flow! You may have to throw out that carefully drafted blueprint today, as your ruler, disruptive Uranus, in your foundational fourth house clashes with diplomatic Venus in your career zone. Don’t panic! Just make sure you carve out a little extra time in your calendar to deal with any unexpected curveballs. And who knows? You could end up saving the day…and coming up with an even better idea than the one you started with!

Pisces: Looking for your “twin flame,” Pisces? Finding a romantic partner who mirrors your soul can be a difficult task. Thankfully, today’s starmap paves the way for a whole month of amorous adventures, as the Sun soars into Libra and your eighth house of intimate bonding until October 23. If you find someone with serious LTR potential, allow yourself to be vulnerable and share your true feelings. Feeling sluggish and unmotivated on the love front? Get back into the wellness groove. If you’re feeling good about your body, your mojo levels will automatically increase. Already coupled? Consider taking that “next big step!”

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