30 Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets With A Stylish Vibe

Contemporary and chic, two-tone kitchen cabinets can breathe unique life into a more traditionally-styled kitchen. Natural wood and stainless steel, white-washed and black lacquered … there are tons of fun mixed and matched designs to choose from.

two tone kitchen cabinets

Today, we’re showing off 30 of the best two tone kitchen cabinet ideas. Allow yourself to become inspired before your kitchen renovation!

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Types of Kitchen CabinetsView in gallery


The Shaker style is composed of five flat-panel components, four of which form the frame and one of which serves as the fifth element. According to HGTV, this is a popular style because of the basic and classic appearance it lends to either contemporary or traditional designs.

Shaker cabinets are easily identifiable by their flat paneled doors with rail frames, solid construction made of high-quality wood. When it comes to the materials used to construct Shaker-style kitchen cabinets, they are frequently made of high-quality American wood, particularly those found in the northeastern United States (that includes hickory, maple, and cherry).


Flat-panel kitchen cabinet doors, often known as “slab” cabinet doors, are basic yet attractive. This cabinet type features clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic that is devoid of pricey details. The simple flat-panel cabinet’s appearance makes it an excellent fit for both modern and contemporary kitchens.

Cabinets with flat panels can be manufactured in a variety of ways. One defining aspect of this style is the absence of frames on the slab doors. Rather than that, they are essentially solid slabs, as their name implies.


Like the name implies, inset-style cabinets feature an inset door fitted within the cabinet frame rather than outside the frame as standard cabinet doors do. Each door is designed and constructed with extreme precision to guarantee the wood fits properly inside the frame. Depending on their looks, they can match styles that range from contemporary to mid-century modern.

While inset kitchen cabinets and drawers are among the most expensive on the market, their timeless appearance can last for years. Custom cabinets with beaded or un-beaded inserts are simple to design with inset cabinetry. The cabinet door is designed with a beaded insert construction. This creates a well-crafted edge detail.


Louvered kitchen cabinets are characterized by horizontal wooden slats and a premium price tag. Louvered cabinets, which are normally found on windows, furnishings, and internal doors, offer a unique look to kitchen cabinetry. Louvered cabinets look great in farmhouse or mid-century modern kitchens.

Louvered cabinets are ideal for areas that demand air, as the majority of louvered doors feature spaces between the slats. Bear this in mind while looking for doors for a cabinet near a pantry cabinet, a radiator, or a laundry room.


Traditionally styled kitchen cabinets frequently include a single arch at the door panel or the top of the cabinet. The “cathedral style” or rounded cathedral top design is the most common traditional kitchen cabinet style. 

Additionally, this is the most frequently utilized kitchen cabinet design type in low-cost homes and rental apartments. Due to its low cost, it is also frequently utilized in low-budget house remodeling projects.

The “double traditional kitchen cabinet style” is another variant of the traditional cabinet style. This style incorporates two circular arches, rather than one, at the bottom and top of the panel. 

The arch design is achieved by incorporating deep grooves, which provide a prominent shadow effect. Cost-wise, the single arch and double arch designs are identical.

How to Clean Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

How to Clean Two-Tone Kitchen CabinetsView in gallery

Two-tone kitchen cabinets are cleaned pretty much the same way as other cabinets.

Step One

Simply combine warm water and 1/4 quarter cup trisodium phosphate in a spray bottle or container. 

Step Two

Apply/mist the solution thoroughly to the fronts of cabinets and drawers while wearing gloves.

Step Three

After a few minutes, wipe away any remaining TSP residue using a sponge or a soft cloth.

Alternatively, you can clean excessively dirty kitchen cabinets with a 50 – 50 mixture of warm water and vinegar. You can also make a solution by adding a few drops of mild liquid detergent to a bowl of warm water. Apply/mist the solution thoroughly to the fronts of cabinets and drawers while wearing gloves.

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets 

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets View in gallery

Often, utility takes precedence above style, but this does not have to be the case. Whether you’re attempting to determine the optimal storage method for your spices or experimenting with new methods to style your counters, drawers, cabinets, and pantries can prove useful in a variety of ways.

  1. Use drawer organizers for different small items and kitchen utensils.
  2. Use vertical separators for cutting boards and pan lids.
  3. Label everything using a label maker.
  4. Group kitchen items based on the activity you use them for.
  5. Use pop-up shelves where possible.
  6. Add liners to your drawers and cabinets.
  7. Use stick-on hooks on the insides of cabinet doors.

How to Decorate Top of Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

How to Decorate Top of Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets View in gallery

The top of your two-tone kitchen cabinets deserves some sprucing up, so here are some tips that might help you make it look nicer:

  • Conceal clutter with canisters.
  • Add woven baskets for extra storage.
  • Show off your collectibles.
  • Add an extra shelf.
  • Display your plants.
  • Place holiday decorations.
  • Put up some art.

How Deep Are Kitchen Cabinets?

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A conventional base cabinet is 24 inches deep. For islands or other situations where such a deep cabinet would be too large, the size is typically adjusted by three inches at once. The lowest size for shallow kitchen cabinet bases is 12 inches deep (something mostly characteristic of wall cabinets).

Wall or upper cabinets do not require as much weight support because they will not have a countertop, but they must be correctly placed on the walls to support the weight of whatever you decide to place inside them.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets Inspiration Ideas


London style two tone kitchen cabinetsView in gallery

This little London kitchen is adorned with smooth, white units and striped, wooden cabinets. We’re in love the initial contrast and slick finishes.


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There’s a bit of a retro appeal woven throughout this kitchen. It may just be that easy pop of red surrounding the charcoal cabinets on the bottom and white uppers.


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There’s a beautiful brightness surrounding this kitchen. The combination of natural wood colors and crisp white suits an open vision.{found on rendallandwright}.


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By adding bright whites and royal blues, you get an easy nautical vibe throughout the space. Even in the kitchen you can bring about that beach effect.


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Black and dark wood cabinets seem to be quite the drab duo, but in an open space with the right, natural lighting, you’ll get a formal, traditional look that fits into larger homes.{found on signaturekitchensandbaths}.


View in gallery

This lofty space sure has a breathy, easy feel to it. And if you notice the kitchen, you’ll also notice the romanticism behind the hazy grey and white cabinet combination.{found on hutkerarchitects}.


View in gallery

These cottage colors are such a perfect way to highlight the kitchen. Pale yellows with frosted doors paired with a grey counterpart at the other end of the kitchen, it’s such a light and welcoming presence.


View in gallery

Creams and olives can create such a beautiful, homey ambiance. Just look at this stunning combination in this light and bright kitchen!{found on rasmussen-su}.


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Notice the small addition of the gray drawers highlighting the white cabinets. It’s a subtle two-tone experience but it can make such a world of difference.{found on venegasandcompany}.


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Here’s another look at a contemporary way to utilize both white and wood finishes. We love this combination and this design even more. It’s refreshing but incredibly fashion-forward as well.{found on johnlumarchitecture}.


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This elongated kitchen is embellished with such a unique combination. Charcoal cabinets and naturally-colored wooden pieces that make the space feel a bit more welcoming.{found on dyergrimesarchitects}.


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White with dark, chocolate cabinets up above, this steep contrast gives a more formal feel to this smaller space. Although it doesn’t enlarge, there is a certain sophistication to it.


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There’s more than two tones here. But we still needed to feature this gorgeous, multi-toned piece. Orange, red, charcoal and white on top, this is such a festive display.{found on sandbergschoffel}.


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Sometimes black and white is truly all you need. It’s contrasting, it’s versatile and it’s always timeless when it comes to interior design to fashion. You’ll always win!{found on eminentinteriordesign}.


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Personally, this is one of my favorite designs of the bunch. The combination of powder blue and creamy white cabinets make for such a sweet pairing.


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We’re sure it doesn’t get much more unique with this cabinet pairing. And with the plum backsplash, you really have something original to enjoy.{found on increation}.


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White cabinets with a gray outline, this is a contemporary way to jazz up traditional looks. And we’re in the love with the subtle and charm.{found on gibsongimpel}.


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Here’s an example of what we like to call “rustic chic.” This slick kitchen, covered in oak cabinets with white additions, have such a slick appeal with a rustic charm.{found on sh-interiors}.


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There is such an eclectic mix of styled in this kitchen we just had to feature its uniqueness. It melds interior visions with an ease and with so much interest.{found on bricesfurniture}.


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These wood cabinets are double the fun. Lighter wood surrounding and framed in a darker piece, they’re interested but also traditional enough to feel right at home.{found on charlestoddhelton}.


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The combination of finishes and colors in this kitchen suggests a very soft and feminine design with graceful lines and balanced contrasts. The upper cabinets have a natural wood color while the bottom ones are a soft shade of pink. They’re complemented by a speckled countertop and matching backsplash, sink and storage shelving.


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The color palette in this exquisite kitchen designed by Snøhetta is as beautiful as it is unexpected. The walls, ceiling, the cabinetry and even the radiator and the curtains have a delicate pastel pink nuance. The countertops of green marble are bold and eye-catching but the most unexpected feature is the brass kitchen island.

Dark green

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There’s something very comforting about the way in which this modern kitchen is designed. Instead of a robust island it has a slender and stylish wooden table with a trapezoid-shaped base which looks amazing in combination with the two-tone parquet flooring. Furthermore, the cabinetry showcases two different styles. The upper section is white with cutouts that reveal a few wooden accents and the bottom ones have a dark green finish, almost black. This is a gorgeous design by Colombe studio.


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Simple and neutral colors and timeless materials and finishes go hand in hand and are a perfect fit for many modern and contemporary kitchens, this one included. The minimalist white cabinets add a very clean and airy feel to the room while the white marble adds just a hint of sophistication. Furthermore, the island introduces warm wooden accents which ensures a seamless transition towards the living room. Design from Direct Painting Group.

Farmhouse white

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White is a very versatile color, very commonly used in contemporary interior design but also capable of looking magnificent in farmhouse-inspired spaces. This kitchen designed by Bria Hammel is a gorgeous example. It’s simple and it’s also very welcoming despite the lack of color.


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Purple is a magnificent color with a royal flair and a sophisticated vibe. Here it’s used as an accent color in combination with bright neutrals and various finishes, patterns and details. The result is a very chic kitchen with a simple but also very attractive and harmonious interior. This beautiful design was created by studio Les Ensembliers.

Sage green

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The renovation of this open kitchen done by studio Blakes London brought with it a soothing and calming palette of colors and finishes. The upper cabinets feature a beautiful sage green exterior with dusty pink accents on the inside. The lower units and the island introduce a lovely natural wood texture with a distressed look. Stylish brass accents complete the design.


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When in doubt, go with black and white. It’s a timeless combination which suits any style and which can be personalized in an infinite number of ways. This modern kitchen designed by Studio Tate puts a big emphasis on the simplicity of the décor, making use of clean lines, minimalist shapes and matte finishes. The gray details and the wooden floor prevent the space from becoming monotonous.

Metallic two tone kitchen cabinets

Metallic two tone kitchen cabinetsView in gallery

This kitchen has a super clean and stylish look, featuring visible industrial influences in its design but ultimately maintaining a balanced look. Wood and metal have been used together and complement each other perfectly by bringing out the uniqueness in each material. This is the creation of interior designer Iva Hajkova.

Black and Dark gray two tone kitchen cabinets

Black and Dark gray two tone kitchen cabinetsView in gallery

The use of dark grays and black marble in this kitchen give the space a masculine look and emphasizes the minimalism of the interior design as a whole. The large kitchen island is the focal point of this area, introducing rich wooden accents into the mix. This has a big impact on the area and renders the space warm and welcoming. This is a design by studio ORKO.

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