Bold And Inspiring Designs Featuring Blue Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to designing and decorating a kitchen one of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself early on is “what color should the cabinets be?”.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Neutrals like white, black or beige are an easy way out but if you want something a bit more bold and eye-catching consider a different option like blue kitchen cabinets for example. You can still opt for this look for your existing kitchen if you paint the cabinets.

Cool blue kitchen cabinet paints

You have a choice between using oil or latex-based paint for that, each type has its own pros and cons. Latex-based paints are generally considered better and more convenient. Also, a semi-gloss or glossy finish tends to be the wiser choice because they’re easier to maintain. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few designs that involve blue kitchen cabinets for inspiration

Popular types of kitchen cabinets

Popular types of kitchen cabinetsView in gallery

Before we start thinking of all the little details that go into designing a kitchen, let’s first go through some of the most common and popular types of cabinets:

Shaker-style cabinets

These cabinets can be easily distinguished by their classic appearance. As a general description they’re sturdy and practical and most often built out of wood. The detail that makes them stand out from other similar cabinet styles is the design on the front which in the case of each door consists of a flat panel in the center and four smaller panels making up a frame around it.

Flat-panel cabinets

Flat-panel kitchen cabinets are very simplistic. They have what is also referred to as slab doors which are made from a single panel with no frames or details on them. These cabinets have a minimalistic appearance and are best suited for modern and contemporary kitchens. 

Louvered cabinets

If simple, flat-panel cabinets aren’t really your style and you prefer something with more detail, more texture and more character, consider louvered kitchen cabinets. They have doors made with horizontal wooden slats which give them an appearance very similar to window shutters. It’s a lovely and cozy look that can adapt to a multitude of styles. 

Inset-style cabinets

In the case of inset-style kitchen cabinets the door, as the name suggests, is actually set inside the frame rather than outside as it’s most common with other types of cabinets. This type of design requires a lot of precision and everything has to be measured just right in order for all the pieces to fit perfectly. 

Beadboard cabinets

This is a style that suits farmhouse and cottage kitchens more than anything else. The cabinets are made with rows of planks with little indentations between them known as beads. This gives them a textured and more dynamic look compared other more simplictic designs. 

Gorgeous kitchens with blue cabinets

Color is just as important as the style, structure and proportions of the kitchen cabinets and there has to be a good balance between it and all these other elements. Today we’re having a look at how the color blue looks in some of these magnificent kitchens.

An all-blue minimalistic kitchen cabinets

An all-blue minimalistic kitchen cabinetsView in gallery

When working on the new design for an apartment in Madrid, studio gon architects went with a very bold and exciting color scheme but rather than combining all the nuances throughout the home they concentrated each accent color around a distinct room. For the kitchen they chose this rich shape of blue.

Kitchen with Geometric and colorful cabinets

View in gallery

The blue kitchen cabinets and the matching island, although very bold, are beautifully balanced out by the crisp white walls, the warm wooden accents and especially the geometric floor tile design. In the end, the strategy used here by STUDIO TAMAT turns the kitchen into one of the most refreshing and welcoming rooms of the house.

Kitchen cabinets Nuances inspired by the sea

Kitchen cabinets Nuances inspired by the seaView in gallery

For this open-plan kitchen studio Decorkuznetsov chose a very serene and soft shade of blue, a nuance that’s reminiscent of the sea and the beautiful blue sky. As the blue cabinets stretch across the length of the wall they draw the eye towards the back of the room and help the decor come together harmoniously. 

Two-tone beauty

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Too much color can make a design feel overwhelming, especially in a small space. To avoid that, interior designer Mara Magotti Gondoni planned this kitchen based on a combination of white and blue cabinets. The two-tone design is elegant, modern and exciting, especially since there’s also a different in style between the white and the blue kitchen cabinets.

An artistic design based on contrasts

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Architecture firm unnamed studio drew inspiration for this design from the work of artist John Baldessari. They used a combination of very bold and very earthy and simple colors to create strong contrasts between certain areas and features within their design. The blue kitchen cabinets are one of the most powerful examples.

Deep dark blue with pops of red

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We often tend to stand away from very dark colors when designing and decorating our home for fear that they would makes the rooms seem gloomy and uninviting. This gorgeous kitchen designed by Blakes London is quite the opposite of that. At the center of its design is a full wall of dark blue cabinets beautifully complemented by bright pops of red and white marble. 

The vibrant beauty of turquoise

The vibrant beauty of turquoiseView in gallery

There’s numerous different shades of blue as well as variations based on this color which could look magnificent in the kitchen. Turquoise for example is a wonderful color which can give this space a very fresh and exciting look. Here it’s been paired with studio Pluck with neutrals, soft pastels and warm wood accents to create one of the most cozy-looking kitchens one can imagine.

A farmhouse blue kitchen

Adelaide-based interior designer Georgie Shepherd.View in gallery

Certain nuances and colors are easily associated with a particular style. For example, these blue kitchen cabinets suggest a farmhouse aesthetic. They have a little bit of gray in their composition and they’re quite cozy-looking. Interior designer Georgie Shepherd specifically chose this beautiful color scheme as a way to bring this marvelous kitchen to life.

All eyes on the island

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Here we’re dealing with a single blue kitchen island which is in fact the island. It concentrates all the color at the center of the room which gives the effect of a larger and more spacious area. It also turns the island into the focal point of the kitchen. This is a design created by Studio Dearborn.

Blue and green side by side

View in gallery

Putting two strong colors together can either make a bold statement or overpower the room. In this case the blue kitchen cabinets and the green surfaces work together to give this place a dynamic and fun aesthetic. The design was created by studio Plain English

Style and function in sync

View in gallery

View in gallery

Blue is a color that looks wonderful when paired with certain neutrals like white, light grey, gold, copper and other metallic accents. It also looks especially beautiful alongside natural wood tones. All these elements were combined to create the perfect blend of style and functionality in this kitchen designed by studio Blakes London

An elegant blend of old and new

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Transforming an old design into something new and fresh is challenging, especially when one also wants to preserve the original character and to bring old and new together harmoniously. Studio De Rosee Sa was successful at this task, their strategy being to concentrate the color around this large blue kitchen island and to reimagine the rest in a new minimalistic light.

Moody colors and classic materials

View in gallery

View in gallery

Here we’re looking at a beautiful cottage-inspired kitchen with deep dark blue cabinets, rich stained wooden flooring and timeless white marble countertops. the shaker-style cabinets envelop the room and paired with the beadboard walls create a very cozy ambiance. Studio White Arrow is responsible for this inspiring transformation.

An eclectic aesthetic

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Sometimes it’s impossible to settle on a singular style or a single accent color. The world is full of beautiful and exciting materials, colors and styles that we can find inspiration in. With the in mind, designing an eclectic kitchen makes perfect sense. This one has a very welcoming feel. The small blue island acts as a space divider and softens the transitions between the dark hues of the kitchen cabinets and the lighter and more earthy colors of the dining room.

A stylish mix of texture, color and pattern

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It’s always worth experimenting with exciting combinations of styles, materials, textures and colors because every once in a while something unique comes out of that. A nice example is this charming kitchen designed by Hubert Zandberg. Its light blue cabinets and terrazzo-style countertops and backsplashes complement one another in a really beautiful and quite unexpected way. 

A symphony of blues for kitchen cabinets

A symphony of blues for kitchen cabinetsView in gallery

If you can’t get enough of blue in your kitchen there’s all sorts of different ways in which to incorporate this color in its design. Interior designer Boris Dmitriev demonstrates this with a very bold approach. Almost everything here is blue including the cabinets, the wallpaper, the ceiling, chairs and even the glass table top has a blue tint. Still, would you say it’s over the top?

Surrounded by tranquility

which the blue kitchen cabinetsView in gallery

Blue is a color that’s known to have a calming and relaxing effect on the mind. This is especially true for light shades of blue, like the one used here by designer Pepe Leal. We love the way in which the blue kitchen cabinets blend seamlessly into the walls and the ceiling.

Dark blue with bronze accents kitchen cabinet

Dark blue with bronze accentsView in gallery

A blue kitchen cabinet can look especially beautiful when accessorized with bronze details which can come in the form of cabinet hardware, fixtures, lights and so on. The metallic accents bring out the beauty in the dark blue surfaces. You can see that here in this modern kitchen by Doherty Design Studio.

Bold colors mixed with timeless materials

View in gallery

View in gallery

A strong color such as blue looks more organic and at home in a space which is furnished and decorated using classic and timeless materials. In the case of a kitchen with blue cabinets that can mean marble countertops, wooden floors, exposed beams and other similar details. 

Modern with traditional vibes

Modern with traditional blue cabinets and large countertopView in gallery

The kitchen is typically a space where we expect a modern design even in the context of a traditional or rustic home. It can in fact looks very refreshing to combine two contrasting styles. This seems to be the strategy used here by studio Barlow & Barlow. There’s a lot to be mesmerized by, starting with these beautiful blue cabinets.

The color of the ocean

View in gallery

Blue is the color of the clear sky which is also reflected in the seas and the oceans of our planet and we feel like this was the inspiration behind this glamorous kitchen design by studio Bailey Austin Bird. The color scheme starts with white at the very top which transitions into light blue cabinets and slightly darker hues at the bottom. Furthermore, the veins on the marble backsplash and countertop evoke the waves of the oceans reinforcing this theme.

Blue shade kitchen cabinets with brass hardware

Blue shade kitchen cabinets with brass hardwareView in gallery

The more we look at this kitchen by Gramercy Design the more impressive its design becomes. It’s all very simple and yet the space has a ton of character. The centerpieces are the dark blue kitchen cabinets which are wonderfully balanced out by the glossy white backsplash and countertops. 

Copper accents with blue for lower cabinets

View in gallery

Blue kitchen cabinets and copper decorations and accessories go hand in hand and you can clearly see that in this beautiful kitchen designed by Studio Tamat. It looks so clean, chic and stylish even though it’s really simple. The rich blue color on the cabinets and the island goes really well with the white walls and the patterned floor. 

Blue minimalist approach

View in gallery

This beautiful shade of turquoise turns this minimalist kitchen into a focal point within this super simple apartment designed by VCL Studio. It’s the only bold color in the room and the blue is both soothing and cheerful. The white countertop, upper cabinet and the white brick wall are the perfect additions. They keep the design simple but add just enough texture to make this area look welcoming. 

Chromatic continuity

introducing blue kitchen cabinets into the space could seemView in gallery

In most modern and contemporary homes the kitchen is part of an open plan together with the living room and dining area. With that in mind, introducing blue kitchen cabinets into the space could seem a bit out of place if there’s no continuity throughout. In this case studio decorkuznetsov brought in a set of blue living room sofa with matching poufs to make the transition feel smooth and seamless. 

A second accent color

View in gallery

Just because you want your kitchen to have blue cabinets doesn’t mean you have to stay away from other accent tones. In a context such as this one the blue and the white are used in similar proportions which allows for a third or even fourth color to be introduced. The bright red island stool and the wooden floor are beautiful additions here, adding warmth to the otherwise cold color palette of the room. 

Dark accents

View in gallery

If you prefer a darker shade of blue for your kitchen cabinets and other furniture pieces in the house, that might look cool when paired with other dark accent colors such as black or dark-stained wood. It could give the decor a stylish mid-century modern look and it would be quite sophisticated. Check out this beautiful interior designed by studio Offstage as reference. 

A balanced palette

View in gallery

Although blue kitchen cabinets can look really cool they can also seem out of place if they’re not complementing the rest of the space around them. To create a balanced color palette and to make the space feel inviting you can pair the blue cabinets with warm colors and materials such as wood for instance. Neutrals like white and gray are really good for transitioning between these different colors. Let this nice design by studio Amos Goldreich Architecture inspire you.

The perfect lighting

View in gallery

The way in which we perceive color has a lot to do with the lighting. You can really make a color stand out just by lighting it in a cool way and a really great example here is another stylish interior by Amos Goldreich Architecture. Notice how subtle and seamless between the black and the blue kitchen cabinets is and how soothing and inviting this space feels. 

Small kitchen featuring blue cabinets

View in gallery

When you’re dealing with a small space it can be difficult to come up with a balanced color scheme for it. Let’s say you have an apartment with an open space social area and a tiny kitchen. You could draw attention to the kitchen by using color and that way the whole space would gain some character. A color such as blue would fit really well because it goes great with white and that’s the perfect non-color for making a small room seem bigger. You could find some inspiration in this design by URBAstudios

Blue upper cabinets and kitchen island

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Another idea is to use several accent colors to give your kitchen more character. You could combine different shades of blue for different sections of the furniture. For instance, in this kitchen designed by Marmur Studio the upper cabinets are a bit darker and more faded than the lower ones and the island. Also, the backsplash introduces a few shades of green which complement the rest of the decor really well. 

Complementary colors

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Blue and orange are considered complementary colors because when paired together the contrast between them is the strongest and they highlight each other simultaneously. You can use that to your advantage when designing your home interior. Let’s say you’d like to have blue kitchen cabinets and you want them to stand out. Adding a few orange accents in the same area would help with that. Studio Colombo and Serboli Architecture shows here how it’s done.

A timeless combo

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Blue is a very versatile color and by extension blue kitchen cabinets are too. As you’ve already seen, they mix well with a variety of different styles. Here for instance the large island is the centerpiece of the kitchen and it introduces a subtle farmhouse-inspired vibe into the house. Its blue color is beautifully complemented by the wooden bar stools and the floor. This was a project by studio Beaulieu Cabinetry, Inc.

Blue and quartz

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Blue and white go really well together in a kitchen. They make it look clean and simple without being boring and there are some really great materials that could be used here. For instance, the quartz countertops used here by studio Skin Interior Design add a stylish and refined look to this entire space. Also, the dark blue and dark-stained wood accents make an elegant combo. 

Faded blue

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There are some really interesting shades of blue out there that could make a kitchen look amazing. This faded blue, almost grey nuance is a great fit for a retro or farmhouse-style kitchen. It pairs well with stainless steel appliances or with industrial features like these metal and wood bar stools used by studio Piperbear Designs. The white subway tiles on the walls and the marble floor tie it all together with style. 

Warm accents

View in gallery

Blue, especially when used in big amounts like in this kitchen can make the area look rather cold. To avoid creating an uninviting decor you could introduce warm materials and colors. For instance, the wooden floor really helps to balance out this design and the leather bar stools and all the copper and brass details have a similar effect. 

A retro vibe

View in gallery

This looks like such an inviting and elegant kitchen and it’s due to a variety of different elements. First of all, the color of the cabinets and the island is quite special. It’s a dark shade of blue with grey and purple accents and it really helps to elevate this entire space. The herringbone wooden floor and the lighting add a very comforting touch to the design and all the brass fixtures and exposed hardware complement the design just right. Design from lindnelson.

A traditional approach

View in gallery

This is a fairly traditional kitchen design. All the cabinets are blue and match in style and there’s a nice and comforting symmetry to the way in which they’re positioned. The white marble countertops and the wooden floor pair well with the subway tile a backsplash and the farmhouse sink. Together they create a classic design. Check out Blueline Custom Builders for more interesting designs and projects. 

Strong contrasts

View in gallery

This is quite a distinctive shade of blue. It’s dark with gray undertones and it looks exquisite here in combination with the light color palette. The walls and ceiling are white and the light wooden floor is very subtle. We also love the light turquoise bar stools and the brass fixtures. They’re very subtle but don’t go unnoticed. This beautiful kitchen was created by studio Christen Ales Interior Design.

Mediterranean vibes featured through blue and white kitchen cabinets

Mediterranean vibes featured through blue and white kitchen cabinetsView in gallery

If you’re set on using blue in your kitchen, consider a Mediterranean-inspired decor. Blue and white and the main colors for that. Also, this would give the kitchen a breezy and coastal sort of vibe. However, painting all the kitchen cabinets blue might be a bit too much. Perhaps a blue kitchen island paired with white cabinets would give you a more balanced look.  Found on the Showcasekitchen.

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