CME prepares to launch new Goddess Jewellery range

CME has announced its preparation to launch it’s new Goddess Jewellery range in January 2022.

CME have designed the Goddess range as a “unique” jewellery collection inspired by the elemental goddesses which appear in many “ancient and magical” traditions around the world. 

These goddesses include earth, air, fire and water, and CME said they are believed to “create balance within the world by mixing their elements together in perfect harmony”.

The CME design team have created a range of pendants and studs in yellow plate and sterling silver that “highlights the spirit of each of the Goddesses in the detail and vision of each Jewellery piece”.

Debbie Hunt, general manager of CME Jewellery, said: “The photoshoot enabled us to bring our vision to fruition for this Goddess inspired jewellery. The model shots we have captured are a true reflection of our aspirations for these new lines and we are delighted with the results. 

“We hope that our customers will feel as passionately about the range as we do, as these new pieces will make a great addition to everyone’s in-house collections.”

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