Fentons launches new earring collection

Fenton has announced the launch of a new earring collection which includes eight new designs. The collection is set to launch Monday 18 October 2021.

Inspired by the original ring selection from Fenton, the new range includes, The Classic Halo Stud, The Star Stud, The Vintage Halo Drop, The Bezel Drop, The Petal Stud, The Pearl Drop, The Deco Drop and The Pear Drop.

In line with Fenton’s fully customisable ring offering, each pair of earrings can be individually designed selecting the gemstone, cut and recycled metal, allowing the customer to create over 300 bespoke styles.

Customers can also now pair the earrings to their existing Fenton ring and jewellery collection. Founder and

Laura Lambert, CEO, Fenton, said:  We are all so excited to be launching earrings at Fenton. Earlier
this year, I would have never thought we would be adding new products to our existing Fenton jewellery
collection but after a lot of talking to our wonderful community, we just couldn’t resist.

“I only got my ears pierced recently and have since become a little obsessed so it has been so much fun designing styles which both match some of our favourite ring styles and also really show off our beautiful gemstones in all their colourful glory.”

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