Hallmarking Dealer’s Notice goes digital

A new free digital Dealers Notice has launched to support the sale of jewellery items online, The British Hallmarking Council (BHC) has announced.

Launching this month, the online Dealers Notice will encourage engagement with customers, indicate responsible and lawful trading, and help explain the role and value of the Hallmark.

The new format is an alternative for online sales platforms where a dedicated page on hallmarking is not possible, designed to be included as an individual product image, giving online retailers a choice of how to display hallmarking information.

This new format for the Dealers Notice is a “digital asset” in explaining the information contained in a hallmark, and represents a new campaign encouraging jewellers to give high visibility to the importance of hallmarking online.

The BHC  said it launched this initiative to provide support for the U.K. jewellery industry and to protect U.K. consumers. 

Recent internet surveys commissioned by the BHC have revealed widespread malpractice and misrepresentation leading to increasing detriment to those trading “honestly, in compliance with the law, and also to consumers”. 

A survey conducted over a six day period earlier this year revealed over 48,000 infringements of consumer protection law with a potential loss to the consumer and the U.K. industry of at least £1m.

The BHC has joined forces with the National Association of Jewellers to promote the redesign to the industry for “its own protection and that of its customers”.

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