Ingle & Rhode launch sustainable jewellery collection

Ingle and Rhode have announced the launch of a recycled gold and lab-grown diamond jewellery collection.

The collection is made with 100% recycled gold, making this collection among “the most environmentally sustainable jewellery on the market”. 

Available in both 9ct and 18ct recycled yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, the collection features diamond pendants, earrings and cufflinks, with designs inspired by nature. 

This includes lotus flowers, leaves, droplets and stars, as well as classic solitaire and halo designs. 

According to Ingle and Rhode, lab-grown diamonds are an “ethical, affordable alternative” to natural diamonds. As real diamonds, they are chemically, physically and optically “identical” to mined diamonds. 

Instead of being created from the heat and pressure under the earth, they are created from heat and pressure in a laboratory, “removing the need for mining”.

Ingle and Rhode said that lab-grown diamonds “leave a less destructive imprint on the earth as every mined diamond results in 250 tonnes of earth being excavated”.

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