iXXXi launches new Winter Wonderland collection

Jewellery brand iXXXi Jewelry has announced the launch of its new Winter Wonderland collection.

Released on 8 September 2021, the collection includes a range of different pieces, from rings and earrings to bracelets and necklaces.

Available in 2mm and 4mm widths, the Winter Wonderland launch contains new Estelle, Blaze, Frozen, and Nova fill rings.

In addition, a limited edition base ring of either 10mm and 12mm can be worn in tandem with the newly released fill rings.

Two new necklaces with gold, rose gold, and silver plating and a chunky link also feature in iXXXi’s latest collection, namely the Glamour Star and Sparkling Star.

Also available in gold, rose gold, and silver plating, the group’s four new bracelets have been designed to match the fill rings.

Meanwhile, the “elongated” Frost earring has been created for the wearer’s first earhole, while the Snowflake and Sandblasted studs can be changed with the wearer’s back holes.

Finally, some 13 bracelets, five rings, and a pendant have been added to complete the iXXXI Men collection, with stainless steel the continuing feature throughout.

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