Katerina Perez collaborates with GemGenève on Flair project

Jewellery insider Katerina Perez has collaborated with independent trade show GemGenève to debut the works of Flair community artists at its upcoming event in November 2021.

The Flair project is an online gallery and independent multi-media artist community for those who create “unique objects” and works inspired by jewellery and gemstones. 

The output of 15 Flair artists from the UK, France, Germany and Russia, among other nations, will be showcased at the upcoming GemGenève trade events from 4-7 November 2021, with pieces available to purchase exclusively at the exhibition itself and on Instagram.

Artists are tasked with preparing original work in their preferred medium with the condition being that jewellery and/or gemstones must feature as the central character. 

Each member of Flair is chosen “based on their skill and unique style”, rather than their international recognition or fame, with the goal of introducing the world to “hidden gems” in their respective artistic fields.

Members of the project are carefully curated by Perez, key opinion leader, journalist and brand consultant, who is “internationally recognised” for her knowledge of precious jewellery. 

The work of the Flair artists will be located in Geneva to “encourage” visitors and exhibitors to discover pieces and meet the artists in person. 

Perez will also be on-site to highlight a collaboration with master gem carving specialist, Pauly Carvings, which takes the form of a rock crystal sculpture of Perez’ hand. 

Titled ‘The Giving Hand’, the piece “serves as a reminder to ‘lend a hand’ and support those who need encouragement, guidance or help” in their creative or personal journey. 

Perez said: “Flair is a continuation of my mission to bring more awareness to precious jewellery and gemstones. This latest collaborative project with GemGenèveis a wonderful way to spotlight Flair artists and introduce jewellery and gemstones into people’s lives in an unexpected and beautiful way.

“This project is also a tribute to my family. My mother restores paintings and my father antique furniture, so I believe I have inherited an artistic sensibility that benefits my work in the jewellery sector as well as informs my passion for multi-media art and design.”

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