The adidas Ultra Boost, A Modern Classic, Is As Necessary As Ever

The term “Modern Classic” is not often thrown around — and that’s with good reason. In sneaker culture, few shoes claim such a prestigious title as it implies a greatness on the level of those decades older.
But when we think about the Ultra BOOST, no accolade seems quite as suitable. adidas, too, would likely agree, as they introduced the silhouette in 2015 as the “Greatest Running Shoe Ever.” Stylish in a way fit even for Kanye West and fitted with a cushioning many liken to clouds, the runner easily bridged the gap between form and function. And while almost impossible to get ahold of early on, the Ultra BOOST is now readily available in everything from OG makes to new, 4D-outfitted upgrades.
Together with the Three Stripes, we’ve curated nine different releases spanning three of the Ultra BOOST’s most expressive personalities.

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