POP MART x HIRONO The Other One Family Portraits Series

POP MART introducing us to “HIRONO” The Other One Family Portraits Series! A new IP that we are in love with. Not your usual Asian style cuteness but something like it’s been ripped out of a painting with a similar style to Maurice Sendak‘s “Where the Wild Things Are” Whatever the style we are loving the series right down to the packaging too! ranging from 12 designs plus one Secret CHASE to collect. HIRONO The Other One Family Portraits Series has our hearts and is a must for our very own POP MART collection. Knowing POOP MART’s quality the release should look just as good as the photos below if not better. We can’t wait to get our hands on this series. What are your thoughts on HIRONO? Do you like it as much as us?

Time will go away, personality will change, the body will be ageing, only those

who show the mood and state in an instant is our real appearance

Those born free, naive, sad, kind, pain, joy, cowardice.

sometimes hidden by our social identity.

The birth of Hirono (Ono), is to let everyone through the design

language into the emotional resonance area, Find your own

emotional projection, re-experience the subtle changes in light

and shade and personnel changes in life, freeze the subtle

feelings of life brought by ups and downs.

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