The Toy Chronicle | Vinyl Thoughts Art Show 9: Saturday Mornings!

This past weekend saw the TENTH Vinyl Thoughts Art Show take place over in Fort Worth, Texas. The show’s theme… SATURDAY MORNINGS! Those were the days, back when we had very little cares and just wanted to catch our favourite cartoons & show

This time around we celebrate being a kid and those lazy mornings eating cereal while watching cartoons with our theme: Saturday Mornings. Forty artists from across the US have reached back to their childhood memories and brought them to life with vinyl toys. He-man, Sleestaks, Pinky & the Brain, and so many more will be in attendance in vinyl form.

Vinyl Thoughts Art Show, September 2021

This year’s featured artist Rask Opticon not only has a piece in the show, but also designed the show shirt! You can check out the custom MAD*L that Rask has done for the show below (and purchase it HERE)

The remaining items from the show are now available online for purchase, for those not able to make it to Texas this past weekend. You can check out all the work below, and grab any that take your fancy HERE!

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